Appel Manquant (Missing Call)
Single Channel Video
12 min 34
FullHD, Stereo, Language : English
Appel ManquantAppel Manquant

A man moves to a very small apartment. He goes out to work everyday and returns everyday. He turns on television. He speaks on telephone. It’s impossible to live in that room. It’s the only refuge he can live.
The work started from a figure I met at Lahore museum in Pakistan some years earlier. Before Buddha became «enlightened one» (as the name indicates), he was only a human being in search of salvation, fasting, lost in desert. In an empty, claustrophobic cocoon, the protagonist stops little by little all activities of everyday life. He will meet the Buddha before he became the Buddha.

Produced at Le Fresnoy
Sound Design by Scanner / Robin Rimbaud